Home Sweet Home

You tie up your loose ends around Fallcrest and then proceed to travel to your hometown alone. The other guardians are currently busy with their own projects at the moment. Besides, you are pretty sure that those city slickers would get sea sick within five miles of the coast. Your journey is long, but uneventful and you finally enter familiar surroundings.

As you walk down the town’s old cobblestone road, you see your mother from a distance. You advance, virtually unnoticed, until you are about twelve paces away. At that time, she turns and lays eyes on you for the first time since you left. She grows pale, even by elf standards, drops her belongings, and runs up to hug you. She grips you tightly for what seems like an eternity without ever uttering a single word. Finally, she regains her composure, wipes a tear from her eye, and asks, “So … have you eaten?”

You spend the next hour catching up and filling your mother in about your exploits and newfound fame. She then fills you in on the town’s perils. “Some time ago, just after nightfall, a strange mist arose. Each time the mist touched a dead creature; it would animate and terrorize the town. Initially it was more of a nuisance. But once the mist reached the graveyard, our town was in trouble. We’ve put up a valiant fight for weeks; but, every so often, the undead claim one of our protectors and the next night our former protector has joined the other side. We can’t last much longer.”

Substantially more skilled than the average town protector, you spend the next few nights obliterating the undead with ease. By the third day, however, you are certain that just defending the town isn’t enough. You must set out and stop this mist at its source. You take a ship and skirt the coast at dusk hoping to see where the mist originates from; and, as the sun sets across the bay you see the mist begin to stream forth from a cove a few miles south of the town.

“This must be it,” you exclaim as you disembark. A cave entrance leads to a tunnel and finally to a hidden shrine. There … a cadre of Orcus-worshipers is in the midst of a ritual. A revenant priestess leading the ritual says, “The time has come my minions, soon we will take over these lands. Soon we will spread the power of The Ashen Covenant to the four corners of this world! Soon, our lord Orcus and his Chosen will make their move and the entire world will tremble at their collective might! We will go forth and spread our influence across all realms. It will be glorious!”

You figure that she would’ve continued on her tirade for another hour if it weren’t for the dagger now deeply embedded in her back. “Gaaahhhhggghhh!!” is the only thing she could utter as you withdraw your prized possession. The stunned worshippers are unable to respond as you break the mystic circle and overturn the cauldron creating the mist. Your actions have saved your hometown but have raised even more concerns about Orcus and The Chosen Five.

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Home Sweet Home

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