The loss of Yattara

The shear amount of visions as of late has you beginning question what is reality and what is not. Images are beginning to flash randomly even when you are awake.
  • A black cat (that was not in the room earlier) hisses at you and then crosses your path. It slips into the shadows and is gone.
  • You see a mirror out of the corner of your eye on the far side of the room. Instead of your reflection, you see one of the Chosen Five leering at you. As soon as you look directly at the mirror, it shatters and the shards fall into shadow.
  • You try to take a sip of water from your water-skin but the second you do you realize that it is curdled milk.
  • You pull bread out of your pack but it appears to have fallen.
  • You reach into your pack to get something and thirteen coins fall out and into a crack on the floor.

The last waking vision you have is that of Yattara leaving the group. When she turns to leave, you hear her say, “I’ll find a way to prove my value, someday they will know what they have lost! Perhaps I can learn Secrets and gain Power in the Pyramid of Shadows!”

Somehow you get the impression that all of these visions have something in common …

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The loss of Yattara

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