The Guardians and Fallcrest prepare for war

In the time since the Guardians return from Thunderspire, many things have changed. Understanding that their conflict is likely to be ongoing, Sam’ael has worked hard with Fallcrest to set up a supply line and a means of raising funds. A leadership council was set up in Fallcrest, designed to represent both the growing military and civilian populations. Due to the companions efforts, people of all races have begun to arrive in Fallcrest. For the first time in centuries, Elves, Halflings and even gnomes have begun to settle in the burgeoning town.

The first topic tackled by the fledgling council was commerce. Fallcrest has a modest supply route, but without additional revenue streams, would not be able to rally the needed supplies to fortify Fallcrest. At this point, Ty stepped forward and mentioned that he had recently come in control of a small shop in the Seven Pillared Hall. After several minutes of awkward muttering and discussion regarding the nature of his “acquisition” it was agreed that a trade route would be set up between the two towns. Initially, Sam’ael suggested that Douven Stahl man the shop. Being the town’s most accomplished, and some say unscrupulous, privateer, it seemed a natural fit. But the dwarf would have none of it. He claimed that he had seen enough of the world to last his remaining year. Strangely, the next day he returned to the meetings more than eager to head up the shop. On lookers commented about several new dwarf sized bruises on the stocky merchants’ body. It was common knowledge that Tomarian had been staying with the Stahl’s while in town.

It was eventually agreed that Ty would return to the Seven Pillared Hall with Douvan. Somewhat surprising, Kaz quickly asked to accompany the half-elf, claiming he had “personal business” to attend to in the town. Weeks later, Ty and Kaz returned, with Ty practically overflowing with excitement. He explained that on their journey back, Kaz had spotted what he had first thought was a shiny river trickling forth from a mountainside. Upon closer inspection, Ty realized that the stream was in fact, Mithral. The council unanimously decreed that a miner company would immediately set forth to recover the ore.

With trade suddenly looking promising, Sam’ael and the council asked the newly arrived dwarven community to meet. With Ty’s shrewd assistance, people were beginning to mutter that he was worse than Douvan, a deal was agreed upon. In return for a generous share of the ore and profits, the dwarves would update the town’s fortifications. Stone walls, battlements and portcullis would be installed.

The Guardians and Fallcrest prepare for war

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