Sam'ael and the Search for Sariah

You hear a loud noise in the other room. You almost get up to look before you realize that you already know what it is. Your parents are arguing again. This has gone on for the last week. It’s been years since your parents have argued and they’ve never argued for this long. You know that something’s up. Later, after things die down, you go into your mother’s room. She’s sitting on the bed alone. “What’s wrong, Mom?” you ask. “It’s a long story, Son”, she says in a hushed tone. “Go ask your father.”

You wander outside to your father’s favorite spot. He seems distant and a bit worried.
“Yes, Son?”
“What’s going on between you and Mom?” you ask.
Your father gazes upon you and quickly spots the concern in your eyes. “Son … I love your mother with all my heart and I have forgiven her a thousand times over for my injuries; but, I don’t think she has fully forgiven herself.” He pauses. “Tomarian’s brother-in-law, Douven, thinks that he’s found a cure for my ailments. He told your mother that he’s found a source of Dragon’s Blood. Your mother believes that, with enough Dragon’s Blood, she can repair my leg and my eye. She has been wanting to go on an expedition with him to a Dragon’s Graveyard for the past week but I told her that I don’t want her to go. I thought for sure that she would get over it, but apparently I was wrong.” He sighs. “Tomarian is a great guy but Douven? Well … let’s just say he’s a bit of a snake oil salesman. I know your Mother is very skilled, but, I just don’t quite trust Douven to bring her home safely.” He gazes off to the moon for a minute. He then says, “As much as it pains me, I can’t bear the thought of her being this unhappy.” After a moment, he stands up, dusts himself off, and says, “Let’s go see your mom.”

You both go back inside where your father takes your mother and gives her a big hug. He then whispers in her ear and she instantly cheers up. Your mom has a smile that would light up a castle dungeon. She says, “You won’t regret this, Akemonos. I promise you that.”

… That was three months ago.

Your father finally says, “I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that <infernal>! I can’t wait any longer, I must go look for her.”
A well of courage grips you as you say to your father, “NO! I am ready. I will go.” Your father seems shocked but pleased. It appears that his son has finally become a man in his own right.
“Very well”, he says and wanders off into his room. Moments go by, as you hear your father gathering up stuff in the other room. He returns with several items. You recognize the items as his battle gear.
“Son, these items are precious to me. They’ve been handed down for generations. Return your mother to me and you will have earned the right to keep them.”

Before setting out, you get a good night’s sleep.

Sam'ael and the Search for Sariah

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