Ride of the Storm Chargers

Quite a bit of time has elapsed since your return from the Pyramid of Shadows. All goes well in the town of Fallcrest for now. It is a bright, clear spring day, the birds are chirping, and The Guardians, their families, and a few friends have all gathered for a meal on the outskirts of town. Its days like this that make the world seem worth saving.

Etheran is quite interested in hearing of your exploits on your quest to save the Nentir Vale and its surrounding lands, especially the ones involving Sam’ael. Antilli seems completely lucid and at peace. Kaz and Ty aren’t fighting (for once). Even Tomarian appears to be smiling … well … on the inside at least.

Suddenly, Kaz’s finely honed senses detect something.

<sniff> <sniff> <snort>
Faint … Distant … Out of Place … if Kaz didn’t know better, he could swear it is ozone.

Clouds gather in the direction of Winterhaven and the sound of thunder booms off in the distance. This is unlike any storm you’ve ever seen. It’s seems way to small to generate thunder and lightning. You continue to watch in amazement as it draws closer. Within a few short hours, the small storm cloud that was near Winterhaven is now passing Fallcrest. What could possibly cause it to move that fast?

Finally, over the crest of a hill, come five powerful beings on the backs of five beautiful Storm Chargers. The lightning-charged hooves of the Storm Chargers strike the ground like thunder and the dust they kick up rises in the air to form a dark storm cloud behind the riders. The riders are far too distant and they are moving far too fast to make out many details but Kaz is certain that more than one of the riders had devilish horns on their heads.

Within minutes, the riders are out of sight; but, you are able to watch the cloud travel straight to Thunderspire Mountain before it disappears as well.

Completely astonished, Etheran asks, “Wh-Wh-What the HELL was that?!” Her question goes unanswered.

Ride of the Storm Chargers

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