You exit from the Trollhaunt Warrens after spending a considerable amount of time underground. When you look up into the sky you notice that the comet that has hovered in the night sky for months is now huge. You marvel in its beauty; revel in its majesty. Then, in a burst of insight, it hits you.

“My god! How could I be so blind?” you exclaim. “It’s been sitting there in front of me this whole time!” You go over all of the clues you’ve been give thus far …

  • You found the name ‘Taleria’ in one of your father’s books. Oddly, it wasn’t the name of a battlefield, a king, a town, or even a weaponsmith. According to that book, Taleria was an ancient female astronomer.
  • Centuries ago, Taleria discovered a comet whose color and description vaguely match the comet now approaching.
  • In a vision, your use of the Sword of Taleria resulted in mass death as the victims were turned to ash.
  • The Sword was used against the occupants of a city and they were turned to ash. Its use against the entire continent of Ortheros resulted in its obliteration.

Your ultimate conclusion:
Sword and the Sky

As satisfying as this revelation is, there is still a mystery to be solved. What is that mystery?


The Chosen Five Kestimire