Restless Nights

Your journey through the Well of Demons has been both difficult and taxing. The lost of a former teammate and her younger sister has been weighing on your soul like an anchor. You feel as though you’ve aged a thousand years. Finally, after taking out Maldrick Scarmaker your team finds time for a brief respite. Instead of the deep trance you were expecting, however, you find yourself immersed in yet more visions. “Why am I having so many visions as of late?”, you wonder to yourself.

“Is this a gift? Perhaps the reason the Queen sought me out as council?”
“Or is it a curse? One that makes me susceptible to demonic control?”
Your thoughts quickly disperse as the strength of the vision intensifies. “Karavakos” … “Strength” … “Power” … “You must seek him!” The next moment, you find yourself shifting into the form of a tiger. You run as long and as fast as you can until you enter a forest. You travel for a while until the undergrowth becomes thick and nearly impenetrable. Just as you are about to collapse from exhaustion, you see a pyramid rise before you. You know that it holds the answers you seek. You shift back into your original form and make your way to the base of the pyramid.
Suddenly, the ground erupts and a giant hand comes out of the ground and grabs your leg. “Antillie!!!”
You panic as you realize that it knows your name.
Your heart beats faster as you try to think of a way to break free. You grab hold of your leg and pull with all your might forcing the creature out of the ground. It’s … It’s …

Suddenly your vision fades. But it leaves you with one last phrase … “Pyramid of Shadows!”

You know you must go there or go mad.

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Restless Nights

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