Learning more about the Sword of Taleria

Your companions leave the curio shop. They all have other things on their mind. But not you … you stay and continue to speak to Gendar. Your curiosity about the Sword at this point greatly supersedes your dislike for the drow. There is silence for a moment, but finally, Gendar begins to speak.

“Long, long ago … before there were Kings, Countries, or even Men … another race of beings dominated this world. The Graceful Race, a race of intelligent cat-people, controlled most of the continents. Another race, the Zahirians, or snake-people, were envious and tired of subjugation. Secretly, their mages crafted the Sword of Taleria. The sword represents pure evil and was crafted for a single purpose … to destroy continents. Wielding the Sword of Taleria, the Zahirians attacked the capitol of The Graceful Race on the continent of Ortheros. In an instant the occupants of the city were turned to ash and the entire continent of Ortheros was obliterated. In short order, the Graceful Race ceased to exist. The Zahirians were victorious. Victory, however, did not come without a price. Within a century the Zahirians succumbed to madness and their empire fell into ruin. With their fall, the Sword of Taleria was lost to time.

This event took place eons ago and is only known to a handful of scholars, most of which, believe that it is nothing more than legend. I, however, believe that it happened. I believe that the Zahirians are now known as the Yaun-Ti and the few surviving members of the Graceful Race are now known as the Rakshasa.

As I understand it, this replica was crafted by a scholar over a century ago and a client is interested in the legend.”

From your recollection, you are aware of the following:
Yuan-Ti – Yuan-Ti malisons represent the bulk of yuan-ti society, accounting for 90 percent or more of a yuan-ti settlement’s population (excluding nonyuan-ti slaves and worshipers). Some malisons are born with humanoid lower bodies while retaining an ophidian head. Whether they possess legs or a long serpent tail, malisons make superb intermediaries between races. They often work with human cultists who revere the snake god Zehir.

Zehir – Zehir is the evil god of darkness, poison, and assassins. Snakes are his favored creation, and the yuan-ti revere him above all other gods.

Rakshasa – Rakshasas are malevolent, deceptive humanoids with a taste for luxury. They use powerful illusion magic to hide their true forms as they pose as nobles, merchant princes, crime lords, and other wealthy, influential individuals.

As for the Graceful Race, the Zehirians, the Continent of Ortheros, and The Sword of Taleria, you have no knowledge of any of these things.

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Learning more about the Sword of Taleria

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