Hellpath Tome

The Hellpath Tome is an infernal warlord’s dream. Laden in secrets and traditions from the fallen Bael Turath, this tome allows some warlords to find inspiration and power beyond their ken to supplement their native tactical genius.

Although the writings of the legendary tiefling general Malachi are some of the more celebrated passages of The Hellpath Tome, his contributions came relatively late to the history of Bael Turath and are refinements of the tactics and maneuvers of a then mature (some would say stagnate) empire. Other older sections of that martial history are rooted in the ancient traditions of the empire, back when the first pacts were formed between the people that would become the tieflings and the powers of the Nine Hells. These earlier forms and exploits are more closely connected to the infernal. As a result, they are more manipulative and most are brutal. Many emulate the tactics of the devils themselves (even to the extent of favoring polearms and reach weapons) while others blur the line between martial exploit and infernal pact. These disciplines, or at least those that have been uncovered, have become very popular with warlords who do not fear the dangers of infernal pacts.

Some of the fragments found in The Hellpath Tome just scratch the surface of a deep and ancient martial discipline taught to the early soldiers and captains of Bael Turath by the Dukes of Hell. Only time will tell if more will be uncovered. Maybe brave (or foolhardy) adventurers currently plundering the ruins of Vor Kragal will unearth future martial and infernal wisdom.

The Hellpath Tome

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Hellpath Tome

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