The Feywild is the magical, fantastic reflection of the world. It is home to fey, eladrins, wondrous animals and beasts, some elves, and many other unearthly beings.

The Feywild came into being at the same time as the world, an unintended echo that somehow sustained itself. It resembles a “canted” version of the world, not completely faithful reflection. Significant terrain features, such as the mountains and seas, give the impression of a similar landscape, but they are far from identical to their worldly counterparts. Locations close to each other in the world might be much farther apart in the Feywild, conversely, the distant might be near. Buildings within the world might not have a Feywild equivalent; indeed, that wild landscape is largely unfettered by civilization. On the other hand, castles of the eladrin nobles raise their gleaming spires where no one dares tread in the world’s darkness.

Perhaps you’re thinking that the Feywild as a happy, magical woodland paradise. If so, you couldn’t be more wrong.

This is a dangerous, twilight realm of natural beauty heightened beyond mortal experience, charged with raw arcane essence. Such beauty can indeed be welcoming and cheerful. Much more commonly, though, it is dark, frightening, mysterious, or hostile.


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