Etheran and the Fallcrest Guard

With Karavakos defeated and the Pyramid of Shadows destroyed, you finally return to your hometown of Fallcrest. Much time has elapsed since you left. The town has doubled in size as the people of the Nentir Vale rally to defend against the coming threat. Your mother and father greet you with pride. They know that your leadership helped save the world.

Your father says, “Come … Lord Markelhay wants to speak with you.” You travel to Moonstone Keep on the northeast side of town. “I wonder what the town lord wants with me… ”, you ponder. It’s been some time since you’ve seen him. As a young boy growing up, you used to play and attend school with his daughter, Etheran. She was always nice to you and one of the few that didn’t seem distracted by your outward appearance. The two of you used to study together; and, from time to time you snuck off to explore the woods at the edge of town. “Perhaps I’ll be able to catch up with her when I arrive”, quickly crosses your mind.

You arrive and the Markelhay’s servant grants entry. You are brought into the study where Lord Markelhay greets you. “Well met, Sam’ael. I’ve heard great things about you. It appears that leadership runs in your family. I’ve asked Akemonos to bring you here because I have a proposition for you.” He pauses for a moment before continuing, “The Fallcrest Guard has served our town well over the years; but, given our current situation, they were never trained for a mission as critical as this. Your leadership has proven that you know how to command respect and get results. To that end, I would like to ask if you’d be willing to accept a leadership position in the Guard?” He pauses briefly but he continues before you have an opportunity to respond. “You would, however, have to take orders from the captain of the guard, but you would be second in command.”

A voice from down the hall interrupts your meeting, “Father? .... Father?” A beautiful woman with flowing red hair and green eyes enters the study. It takes you a moment but you quickly recognize her as Etheran. “Oh … I’m sorry … I didn’t realize that you had compan …. Sam? Is that you?” Undaunted by your appearance, she comes up and gives you a big hug. Strangely, you find her fearlessness almost as alluring as her appearance. Her long flowing red hair is almost as beautiful as your mother’s.

“Ah, Sam’ael ... you remember my daughter?” You nod. “Great. Then I guess I don’t need to introduce you to the Captain of the Fallcrest Guard. So … what do you say to my offer?”

Sam’ael...?” Sam blinked and looked about, realizing he had been staring at Etheran. At her appearance, Sam’ael was dumbstruck: all at once a wave of emotions and memories assaulted him. He saw he and Etheran running about, swinging wooden sticks at each other, saw them share their first kiss, in the shadow of the town well, saw them bicker and fight, hug and laugh… Etheran alone seemed to ignore his outward appearance, she alone had stuck by him. Her reappearance after so long panicked Sam. It was not until now that he realized how much he had changed, how ready he was to eschew his “human” side in dogged dedication to his greater “victory.” Shaking his head, he met Markelhay’s eyes. “It would be an honor and a pleasure sir. I apologize for my momentarily lapse… I have been under some stress. It will not happen again. I humbly accept your offer and pledge my service.” With that, Sam’ael abruptly turned on his heel and began to stride away. As he reached the door he turned, unable to resist, “It is good to see you again Etheran...” If she returned his greeting, Sam’ael didn’t hear it, for he quickly returned to his quarters, determined to regain his composure.

Etheran and the Fallcrest Guard

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