Antilli's thoughts

The first vision

As Antilli thinks about this dream or nightmare, whatever the humans call it, he breaks into a cold sweat. Part of him yearns to possess such a powerful magic item as the sword, part of him doesn’t. As he begins to scrutinize each part he comes up with a thought….time is important, time is the key and he realizes he doesn’t have much of it.

The ride of the storm chargers

Antilli after seeing the lightening and hearing the thunder, his thoughts immediately go to something old…time, what is this he hears in his head “tick, tock, tick, tock”. What the heck, where is this clock and what does it mean. One thing is for certain there is no more feasts and celebrations, they must all get ready and head off towards Thunderspire!

Treastise of Universal Astronomy

Thumbing through the Treatise of Universal Astronomy I find some very intersting things about Talaria. One it’s a person not some object or place, interesting. I must ask and research who this astronomer was or is.

More thoughts on the Treatise of Universal Astronomy

I might just be right about the black blade of the sword. Staring up into the heavens one clear night a shooting star appeared and seemed to split the sky with its brilliant tail. Heading towards earth I saw if wink out before it reached its goal of the earth’s crust. It would truly be an amazing thing if one of these falling stars actually reached the earth and was forged into the blade. But even if it was what would have made it such a blade of villainy? I must find this astronomer, she may hold the key to the entire puzzle, but is she alive?

More thoughts on the Treatise of Universal Astronomy

Damn I’m sometimes as stupid as a box of rocks, all of our good fortune and bad luck are from the same source, the comet! Now I get it, but how can I use it? What can I learn from this knowledge, I must find a place to research the history of this more in depth, but where? From whom? I must read more!!!!

Learning more about the Sword of Taleria

Hmmmmm, Antilli ponders the thought, ‘Taleria’. Could it be a blade forged from a fallen star? Or could it have been forged from some realm of Vecca, cooled molten rock from some pit of hell? He feels he needs more research, but the fallen star is as good of a place as any to start. He looks to the night sky and then buries his head back into the book.

What if?

What if the Graceful Race was not extinct. What if they and they alone knew where the sword was and were guard and protecting it from people who mean to use it for destruction and from the Zehirians? I must remain open minded about this, I have a feeling time is running out….tick tock, tick tock!

Weapons of the Ether

I slap myself across the face, what an idiot, why did I have such a narrow mind about this whole thing. I could have been looking right at the damn “sword” and walked on past. Could I have been so naive as to think the all powerful Antilli, son of N’than and Shirl Crystalblade, direct descendent of Prince Brightblade, knows what he’s doing. The sword might not be a sword at all! Now I’ve got to read on…....

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Antilli's thoughts

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