Antilli's new path

Antilli sat alone on a dry patch he found, away from the others as usual. They were talking and laughing about the fight, who they pummeled and who they killed, the usual babble. Antilli on the other hand was staring at his longsword, studying the etching of the spiral tower extending from the hilt to the middle of the blade. Ever since he could remember this was his goal, his destiny, his desire to become a Wizard of the Spiral Tower. Now that he was on the precipice of obtaining it he couldn’t feel it and it ate at the pit of his stomach. Glow, damn it, show me Corellon’s grace and show me the arcane beauty of the Feywild.

Suddenly and without warning he felt a small hand on his back and heard a soft gentle voice whisper, “it is not to be Antilli. You are not meant to follow that path”. Turning quickly, he focused his eyes and saw nothing. Thinking he was slipping back into the madness of dreams he stood up, looking around in a quick 360° circle not seeing anything. Again he was surprised when he heard a whisper in his ear, he could feel the soft breath against his skin. “Let yourself go, free your thoughts, open your eyes Antilli”, with the last syllable of his name he felt his knees buckle and he fell to the ground. Suddenly he went blind, he couldn’t see, he tried to call out to the others but his voice was choked off in his throat. Again he felt the touch of a small hand and a whisper in his ear, it’s time Antilli, tick tock, tick tock………

A couple seconds later he felt himself being hurtled through space, a mute scream on his lips, his eyes wide open but not able to see where he is or going. He could actually say he was scared, figuring he had done something to offend a god he almost gave up.

‘THUD’ he came to a landing on some surface, he grunted and found his voice had returned. Blinking his eyes he found he could see, but where was he? There was no day or night, the sky was a silvery blue dotted with thousands of stars. He was standing on a floating rock and across a wide chasm of space he saw a magnificent palace. He felt more at home here than anywhere else, he felt totally at peace. Looking to his right was a beautiful Eladrin Woman, someone he recognized from his studies in Valthran’s tower. Freyja Dawnstrider, the founder of the Fey world for the Eladrin. Shaking his head he looked again and this time she smiled, “yes Antilli it is I Freyja Dawnstrider. I am here to help you find your way, you seem to have been lost for some time and soon you will face the challenge of the black sword and the Chosen Five. We cannot have you fail, the fate of our world depends on you and your allies.” Turning to his left he saw another figure, this one almost made him fall over in shock, it was Ian Kinsler the want to be bard from Winterhaven and Fallcrest. “Don’t look so shocked Antilli it doesn’t become an Eladrin to be slack jawed.” he said as he broke out into laughter. “I’ve know you for a very long time, but you are at a disatvantage let me introduce myself, I am Prince Brightflame, your great-great grandfather” he said with a smirk. Antilli knees wobbled a couple times and it was that moment he noticed a silver cord connected to his waist. Right then he knew where he was, it was that moment something clicked in his head, and he felt his mind numb and eyes glaze over, but he could still see and think. At that moment he realized he was aware of everything around him, to his front and back, from side to side, he felt nothing could sneak up to him again. “I have so many questions of both of you, do you have time to answer them?” Antilli asked. Prince Brightflame looked at Freyja and said “no, this part of your journey will be guided by the Freyja I will be watching over my granddaughter, your mother, for she plays an important role in all of this, one that hasn’t been revealed to you yet.” Freyja spoke in her soft gentle voice, “Antilli, your path is that of a true seer, you have an untapped talent the likes of which the world hasn’t witnessed in ages. You have been blessed with foresight, a prophetic action and during battle you will be the prophecy of doom for those who stand for evil. This is your true path and home, you are now part of the Astral Sea”.

Suddenly with a jolt Antilli opened his eyes, he saw his friends still laughing and eating talking about the battle, the longsword still in his hand. Was all of that a dream he thought, that was until he looked into the mirror blade of his sword and saw with a shock his dark eyes had changed and now shimmered the same slivery blue as the sky in the Astral Sea.

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Antilli's new path

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