Antilli Studies with Valthrun

Finally!! Free of the madness inflicted upon you by Karavakos, you are beginning to feel like your old self. You don’t spend too much time in Fallcrest after your return; choosing instead to visit an old acquaintance … Valthrun. You leave your companions in Fallcrest and make a solo journey to Winterhaven. The trip was brief (for an Eladrain) taking up only a week of time. When you arrive, you go straight to his tower.

Knock … Knock … Knock … “Yes … <mutters> … Coming!” Valthrun looks though a small slit in the door. “Ah! Antilli! Heh, c-c-come in, come in! Thought you all surely perished. You’ve been gone so long. I think I found something for you.” He opens the door and lets you in.

You head upstairs to his study and plop down on a dusty couch. Clearly he doesn’t get many visitors. He wanders off to check the bookshelves in another room. Over an hour goes by before he wanders back into the room. “Eh? Wha … What are you doin … Oh. Antilli! Sorry about that.” He walks out of the room again; this time with purpose. He returns with two books. “I think you will find these interesting!”

You take the books from him and you are stunned when you read the titles:
  1. Treatise of Universal Astronomy
  2. Weapons of the Ether

“Take some time to read them. I found something of interest … although … for some reason … I can’t remember what it was.”, he ponders for a moment before continuing. “Oh well, anything else you’d like to discuss?”

Put Anything else you’d like to discuss here.

Who are the chosen five and how did they become such powerful liches?

Who do they serve?

Why do they want to enter our world?

Where the Zehirians a true race and are they ancestors of the Yuan-ti?

Was the “Graceful race” a myth or reality?

Is there something with this clock?

The more he reads and researches, the more questions he has….

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Antilli Studies with Valthrun

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