Antilli Rallies the World

Ever since your childhood, you have always felt that the power of good has had an edge over the power of evil. Good always triumphs in the end. Recent events, however, have caused you to reevaluate those beliefs. Even when demons and devils roamed the world during the time of Great Empires, there were counterbalancing forces such as the Empire of Arkhosia and Bael Turath to oppose it. Now … a ragtag cluster of humans known as the Fallcrest Guard is our only line of defense? Please! If The Chosen Five find a way through, you and everyone in this valley will surely die! More is needed.

Suddenly, your first vision comes to mind. And then, like a ton of bricks, it hits you … you alone must rally the ancient world powers. An army of eladrin, elves, and dragonborn to combat the coming evil! Perhaps your first vision was trying to tell you this all along? You were the one to summon them into the Queen’s chamber for “something big”. What can be bigger than this?

Antilli realizes this rag tag bunch he is part of; ‘The Guardians of the Gate’ have a bigger role to play than just making it out of the Pyramid of Shadows. There are The Chosen Five and what he is beginning to realize the fate of the world to consider. In his vision when he was wielding the Sword of Taleria he was overcome with a feeling of evil. Now he realizes it was a vision not a so called nightmare. He is to convince Queen Yolande to open up and befriend old allies. To rally against this great evil or they will all die, that is why in his vision the Dragonborn and Elves were there and why they all suffered the same fate as Queen Yolande and his fellow Eladrin. He must convince his party and the Eladrin, Elves, and Dragonborn to his cause.

Over the past several months, you’ve made use of your mastery of magic to reach out to key members of the global world powers. Your use of diplomacy, coupled with your status as one of the founding members of the Guardians, has convinced many races to join your cause. Elves, Eladrin, and Dragonborn from the far corners of the world have gathered in the Nentir Vale to fight the coming threat. An animal messenger conveys a message from the Queen, “Thank you, Antilli … Well Done!”
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Antilli Rallies the World

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