A Conversation with Dethos

Still high after your second defeat of the monstrous Skalmad, you quickly move through the remaining cavern to see if any enemies remain. There, in Skalmad’s quarters, you see an old man chained to the wall. The little bit of light entering the room is enough to make him squint. “Who … Who’s there?” he quietly asks in barely more than a whisper.

“We are called the guardians of the gate and have defeated Skalmad. Before we precede, might we know if you are friend or foe?” The warlord continued speaking as he advanced, offering his allies an opportunity to move into position and appraise the situation.

“We have fought long and hard and do not fear combat, but I am loath to order my men against you. Seeing your bonds, I am inclined to believe you a captive, but I have been tricked one too many times and do not intend to be made the fool again.”

Making eye contact with Ty, Sam’ael pointed out the glaze covering the old man’s eyes, there was no need to hide here. Unless Ty tripped or made an uncharacteristic amount of noise, he would be able to strike at his leisure should the need arise.

“Tell us old man, who are you and why are you here? You must be highly valued to be kept so close to Skalmad’s private quarters. What can you tell us of the troll and his plans? Know that we have the means and are willing to help you, should you help us.”

‘’M … my name is Dethos. I am clearly no threat to anyone that can best Skalmad in combat." Your keen battle-sense is telling you that he is correct. Antilli’s lack of a premonition clinches it. ‘’I am but a poor scribe taken over a year ago from my home in Moonstair. It’s been so long since I’ve seen my home. And what of Agriea? My daughter? Have you seen her?" He pauses for a moment looking for a response but he doesn’t get the one he was hoping for. He then says, ’’Skalmad abducted me when he found out I could read and write Davek. He forced me to correspond with two drow emissaries. Although I couldn’t stop their communications, I did learn quite a bit during my time here."

Dethos spins a long tale and from it you do learn the following facts:

“And what of you, my friend?”, Dethos looks intently at Sam’ael. “You look like a man who has suffered a terrible loss. You didn’t happen to know a young redhead by chance … did you?”

WHOOSH, the air ignited as fiery wings sprouted from the Tiefling’s back, in a moment Sam stood before the man, hand trembling as he clutching his spear. “Do not speak to me of loss…you know NOTHING of it. Now speak human, speak quickly and speak truthfully. Tell me of the red haired maiden, tell me of her sword and tell me what happened. I would know…and I would know NOW!”

Recoiling from the warlord’s sudden approach, Dethos inhaled nervously, the sudden movement causing asmall drop of blood to sprout from his neck. Seeing this, Sam’ael’s fearsome visage softened slightly. “Please, we really do not mean you any harm. The events of the last few months have taken their toll on me. I apologize as I find my nature sometimes getting the best of me. Please, friend. If the red-head you speak of is my friend, any information you can give would greatly alleviate the suffering we have endured.”

“I … I am terribly sorry if I have upset you. It wasn’t my intent,” the old man says nervously. “It’s just that a young warrior maiden came into these chambers a while back determined to kill The Troll King. Her fierceness in battle was without measure. I’ve never seen anyone brave, or crazy, enough to attack The Troll King. She not only did so but she did so alone.” Dethos’ eyes dart back and forth as if he is remembering an extraordinary event. ’’In the first few seconds of combat, she defeated three trolls and was making short work of Skalmad. In the end though, she succumbed to the drow poison before she could complete her mission."

‘’Skalmad was so infuriated that he had her restrained and tortured for days. In between beatings, she stayed in this room with me. It was at that time that she told me her name and about her one true love." He then describes Sam’ael to a T. “She made me promise to ask him to recover her sword and return it to her mother.”

A Conversation with Dethos

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