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  • Feywild

    The _Feywild_ is the magical, fantastic reflection of the world. It is home to fey, eladrins, wondrous animals and beasts, some elves, and many other unearthly beings. The _Feywild_ came into being at the same time as the world, an unintended echo …

  • Bright Beauty

    Setting aside the dangers posed by the creatures of the [[Feywild]], new arrivals must also cope with stunning new sensory experiences. The tangible presence of magic in the [[Feywild]] is like nothing ever experienced on the mortal world. The flowers of …

  • Kalista

    _Kalista_ is the Eladrin mayor of [[Sunnymist]]. She is nice, benevolent, and kind. She has a great amount of respect for the [[The Guardians of the Gate | Protector's of the Portal]].