The Chosen Five

Into the Mountain

Beyond the gate itself, you find an outpost of hobgoblin bloodreavers. Showing no mercy, you bring the pain and beat crucial information out of the survivors. It appears that the Bloodreaver Clan has taken refuge in the Chamber of Eyes.

The Minotaur Gate

Minotaur Gate You travel for nearly a week as you pass the town of Fallcrest on your way to Thunderspire Mountain. A swirling thunderhead of black clouds, rumbling thunder, and bright flashes of lightning obscure the peak of the mountain ahead of you. This is the infamous Thunderspire Mountain, the largest of the Old Hills that cover the northeast portion of the Nentir Vale.

A cobbled path leads from the Trade Road up the side of the mountain to the Minotaur Gate, the primary path inside the mountain. Inspite of the ominous signs, you enter the gate in hopes of rescuing your companions.

Valthrun and the Legends of Thunderspire

You return to Winterhaven with the letter you obtained from Kalarel only to find that twelve other members of Winterhaven and the surrounding fields have been abducted as well. Lord Padraig beseeches your party to travel to Thunderspire Mountain and free the slaves.

Before you leave Winterhaven, however, you decide to speak to Valthrun. And, in his usual fashion, he begins to weave an intrigueing story:

“Have you ever heard the legends of Thunderspire Mountain? Tales claim that a great city built by minotaurs in the ancient days waits within the depths of the mountain. If you are in search of adventure, then exploring those ruins and bringing back word of the wonders you see would make this old man extremely happy. Think about how strange such a place must be! And imagine the treasure that might remain from such an alien time and location.”

He then gets up and asks you to wait as he searches his library for more information. He seems excited as he returns with a few books. He sits down to continue:

“According to these books, this valley was once ruled by the minotaur lords of the underground city of Saruun Khel. It disappeared from history’s stage about three hundred years ago. Two specific parts of the city appear in these texts – the Labyrinth and the Seven-Pillared Hall. And the area seems to be currently governed by a group of arcanists known as the Mages of Saruun.”

With that, he wishes you luck on your journey.

Ominous Signs ...

Once on the surface, you note that something seems different. The insects no longer chirp, the birds have fallen silent, and even the wind seems to blow without making a sound. A strange feeling of unease fills you, as if you are witnessing the calm before a storm. Off in the distance, you see a comet. Mystics would probably say that this omen seems to herald the coming of a new age, as if the world will soon change forever, but that’s just superstition … right?

The Comet Looms

On to Thunderspire Mountain ...

You have defeated Kalarel and ruined the plans of The Chosen Five. Victory is yours this day; but, not without a cost. Two of your members are still missing. Your spirits cannot rest until you recover Yattara, Genevieve, and her sister Jenna.

Searching the area, you find a letter:

“Greetings, Kalarel. I have recently learned of your activity in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in this region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to buy them. We have duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of slave stock. If you are interested, send an envoy back to me. My messengers will show the way.” It is signed: “Chief Krand of the Bloodreavers.”

With this information, you decide to make your way to the surface and travel back to Winterhaven.

The Rift and The Chosen Five

An eerie silence falls over the field of battle. Then… like distant thunder… a rumble comes from the rift. Each successive burst seems louder and closer. The ground begins to quake and the surface of the rift ripples like water as a result. Finally, the surface of the rift turns transparent and you catch your first glimpse of The Chosen Five. Five beings of pure, unimaginable power and evil. The air becomes thick, stifling, and oppressive. You recoil as each wave of evil washes over you. The evil permeates your skin, flesh, and bones. The Chosen Five

Finally, one of these beings steps forward. He stands nearly twice as tall as a man. Half his flesh has rotted away and maggots have replaced the missing tissue. He speaks forcefully, with a booming voice that nearly splits your skull.
“You have interfered in our affairs for far too long, mortals. You are meddling with powers that you can’t possibly understand. Since you seem to appreciate it so much; know this, we will now make it a point to meddle in your affairs. No one you care about will be safe. Soon you, and everyone around you, will kneel before us. The time has come to reclaim our rightful home. The world trembled before us once and it will do so again. This time. Noone and nothing can stop us! Muahahahahahaha!!”
Another speaks, Sam’ael, Tomarian, Tyilishor, Antilli ... your fates are now sealed. Doom awaits you! Soon we will have our revenge!”

Tentacles spring forth from the rift as the thing in the portal claims the body of Kalarel. The Five then turn to leave as the rift fades to black.

Kalarel and the Rift

Success at last! Sariah is finally safe. Now to escort her to safety before …
Just then, an ominous chant begins. The words chill you to your bone and you instantly know that something big is about to happen. The chant comes from the blood drain in the middle of the floor. Removing the drain’s cover you see a priest Kalarel in front of an altar preparing a ritual that must’ve been months in the making. This must be what Sir Keegan was referring to. An attempt by someone to open the Shadow Rift!

You descend down the drain and into a nightmare. Crimson streams spill from above and form a pool of blood in the center of the chamber. A yawning, black portal dominates the northern wall of the chamber. Something strains against the darkness within, as if it were a thin film keeping back a vicious clawed beast. A set of blazing runes has been inscribed on the floor before the portal.

Opposite the portal, a massive statue of Orcus stands. It points toward the darkness with a skull-capped wand. To the east, a series of steps leads to a platform where a small pit is flanked by two smaller statues of Orcus.

To the west another set of steps ascends to an altar of bone flanked by wide pillars. A human (now known as Kalarel) clad in heavy armor and carrying a skull-capped rod stands behind the altar. His eyes are closed, and a book rests open before him. Ancient words once thought lost to time now stir the thing in the portal.

You summon up the courage to attack and a pitched battle ensues. Kalarel summons up the full powers of a Scion of Orcus. He taunts you with claims of his superior intellect and demonic might; but, in the end you deal him a fatal blow.

Sariah and the Ritual

You delve back into Shadowfell Keep determined to find Sariah and keep your promise to Sir Keegan. You successfully complete several challenges, survive several fights, and finally pause for a moment to catch your breath. Just as you recover, you hear something. Almost inaudible at first, the sound begins to grow in intensity. “What is that? A ritual of some sort?”, you wonder. You quickly gather your belongings and quietly move into the next room to see what’s going on.

Death Cult Shaman There … across the room … you see what appears to be a blood soaked altar with crimson streams flowing off of it, across the floor, and down a drain. A shamanistic man with an ornate ritual dagger is standing near that altar in front of several followers that have gathered to hear him speak. He pauses for a moment, takes a deep breath, and then chants, “Lord Orcus ... Lord Orcus ... Lord Orcus ....”

The followers then chime in with him for a few moments before he motions for silence. You notice that the dagger in his hand is adorned with the skull of a ram with black glowing eyes and flames dripping from its mouth. His gaze then drops to the altar before him and on it you see a beautiful elf madian with red hair. You recognize her as Sam’ael’s mother Sariah!

The shaman says to her, “Your blood shall appease Lord Orcus so that he will return the The Chosen Five to us.” Defiantly she says, “You’ll never get away with this!” He spits on her and snaps back, “Of course we will! Because we are the minions of … Lord Orcus ... Lord Orcus ... Lord Orcus ....”

He raises the dagger above his head and prepares to plunge it deep within her heart! Anger consumes you and you attack with reckless abandon. Surprised by your assault, the shaman and his followers are quickly vanquished and you save Sariah from her fate.

Ninaran and the Dead

Winterhaven at last. Distraught after the loss of your teammates, you are ready to drowned your sorrows in meed before gaining much needed supplies and information. Sadly, Winterhaven’s gates are closed. Several figures stand with weapons drawn on the parapet above. One of the figures, Lord Padraig, waves as you approach. He calls out, “We are in peril! Several villagers have disappeared, and the dead in the cemetery have risen. We fear these creatures will emerge to asail the gates and drag us all away. We will not open the gates unless you can stop the threat!”

Tired, hungry, and cold, you ignore your physical discomfort and proceed to check out Winterhaven’s cemetery. Within the graveyard, the tombstones were densely packed. Three mausoleums sat amid the markers. The soil around some of the graves seemed disturbed. Suddenly, the dead burst from the soil around you and attack!

Just when you think you are getting the upper hand, a female elf begins to snipe off members of your team. Oh my god, Ninaran? She always seemed aloof, but a member of the Death Cult? Didn’t see that coming. Banding together like steel, you send her to her grave. Ninaran

You return to Winterhaven triumphant. As much as you want to find Genevieve and Yattara, you are honor-bound to protect the Shadow Rift at all costs. Hopefully you can still recover your friends before it’s too late.

Bloodreaver Slavers

You continue to delve into the depths of Shadowfell Keep for a while until attrition gets the best of you. It’s time to come up for air and return to Winterhaven for supplies. You are thoroughly exausted by the time you reach the surface and break for camp shortly after you arrive. Unfortunately, luck was not on your side. A Bloodreaver patrol stumbled on your camp and attacked. You fought valiantly but Genevieve and Yattara were taken and enslaved by the fowl hobgoblin slavers.


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