Ethran's Sword

weapon (melee)
Sunwrath (+3) Level 12
The glistening silver-white metal of this blade is inscribed with flowing arabesques. Its hilt is adorned with gold, with a ruby set in the middle of the handguard.
Weapon: Longsword 13,000 gp
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +3d6 fire and raidiant damage
Property: The wielder of Sunwrath instinctively know in which direction Fallcrest lies.
Power (Encounter: Fire): Minor Action. All damage dealt by this weapon is fire and radiant damage until the end of your current turn.

Sunwrath has been the heirloom sword of Markelhays for six generations. Each lord who wore the blade has carried it into battle at least once, and the crest of the Fallcrest Guard is emblazoned with Sunwrath’s image.

Sunwrath was forged by artisans of the dwarven kingdom of Zormundar. The blade was crafted in the human style as a symbol of the strong alliance of both peoples.


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