Head of Vyrellis

This orb of darkest obsidian easily fits in the palm of your hand.

Head of Vyrellis Heroic Level
This orb of darkest obsidian easily fits in the palm of your hand. As you stare into its inky depths, the severed head of an eladrin princess floats into view and you hear her sing-song voice, “I am Vyrellis, and I offer my assistance to whoever carries this orb.”
The Head of Vyrellis is a wondrous item with the following properties and powers.
Property: You gain +2 bonus to Arcana, History, and Religion checks and can make checks as if trained in those skills.
Power (Encounter): Move Action. You can teleport up to 7 squares.
Power (Daily): Standard Action. You are surrounded by a cyclone of biting cold wind. Creatures that begin their turn adjacent to you take 1d6 cold damage and are slowed until the start of their next turn.

Vyrellis is the one time lover of Karavakos whose living essence has been trapped inside a magic orb.

When we first encountered the orb it explained Karavakos’s story and offered some help to us in destroying him and escaping from the Pyramid of Shadows. It also bargained to have us find it living essence which was splintered into three separate parts and lost or hidden inside the pyramid.

We thought we had found its splinters of its life force but found it was tricked along with the rest of us and is still trapped inside the orb. It does sense when we are near one of these splinters and urges me to possess it.

Head of Vyrellis

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