Former Member of the Group


You met Yattara as a young Eladrin warlock prisoner. Out of the kindness of your heart, you and your teammates set her free; and in return, she travelled with your party for a time. It was only after you emerged from Shadowfell Keep that an unfortunate turn of events led to Yattara and Genevieve’s kidnapping. Once you defeated Kalarel and secured the Shadow Rift, you set your sights on Thunderspire Mountain. You still remember how enraged you were at the audacity of the Bloodreavers and how you vowed to pay them back and free your teammates. You were deep underground for what felt like an eternity until you finally discovered the whereabouts of your friends. They were being held by a demonic Gnoll. You engaged him in battle to free your companions. You fought long and hard before finally defeating him. Your victory; however, came at a cost … Genevieve and her sister were both sacrificed to Yeenoghu. Yattara was very grateful to you for her rescue and asked to continue her travels with your party. Your party; however, concerned about her safety, asked her to return home. Reluctantly, Yattara left muttering something about seeking power and secrets in the Pyramid of Shadows. It wasn’t until later, when you met Yattara again inside the Pyramid of Shadows that you learned the truth. Yattara was a succubus planted into your group. What was her purpose?

Yattara's True Form


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