“Hmmmm bartender … send another wench over … I need a refill of dwarven ale so I can start my story,” Tomarian chugs down his ale, wipes his beard clean, and stares at whomever is drinking with him.

“I was born and raised in the Dawnforge Mountains. My father, King Krod, rules a mighty Kingdom. I was born and raised by his military might and put in the mines of the Dawnforge Mountains to learn and grow strong like all other dwarfs. Upon reaching 30, I was assigned to the military stronghold where no leniency was given just because I was a born Prince of Dawnforge, there I learned to unleash my skills as a fighter so I could prove to myself worthy to become a successor to my father and to my kingdom.”

“… <hic> … another round … err … bring the whole barrel, Wench, and I’ll throw in a tip for you … hmm where was I? Oh yeah …”

“When I graduated from the dwarven military I earned the rank of the Dwarven High Guard; Protector of the citizens around Dawnforge mountains. Then, one day, I was on patrol one foggy, dawn morning around Hammerfast when a wounded dwarf came running to me telling me that their town was raided by hobgoblins and that they were taking prisoners to be slaves. That was my first failure; I should have gone to get reinforcements. But … I didn’t think! I just ran in the direction I was told and was suddenly ambushed by five hobgoblins and their leader. There where dwarven kin all beat up and tied, I ran up and attacked blowing my dwarven horn as I charged in to save my kin from this hardship. I fought hard which seemed like hours I was surrounded by the five while there leader stood over a dwarven female holding her baby, I attacked with all my might as I took down the first one with a nice cleave shot to the throat, as I pulled my axe out, the other four came at me and attacked. I managed to grab my foothold but was struck with a javelin in the shoulder, I then kept attacking with all my might, taking another one down with a mighty blow of my war axe. The other two looked at each other and started to panic when one turned and ran. Before he could; ‘Ole Betsy’ hit him in the back, stupid hobgoblin, the other one got away but the leader motioned me to come forward. I looked and him, pointed, and said “You are my target now! Release the women and her child!” He just stood there and yelled as he raised his sword up to strike her. I launched out and blocked the attack he was using them as a shield I attacked back by doing a cleave which missed and he returned with the same attack hitting me in the side. Holding back the pain I again attacked with a spinning sweep when he countered the move and put the women and child to block the attack! Noooooooo! I was so wrong … <hic> … I never noticed that he was studying my moves with the peons I was fighting. I have sinned greatly. The Leader of the Hobgoblins was laughing as I held the female and child in my hands when he struck me hard in the head knocking me unconscious."

“When I awoke I looked up. I wondered where I was and how I survived. I realized that I was back at Dawnforge Mountains. Wait what is this weight I feel on my wrist? What? I am in chains … Why? Seem like weeks have gone by. Someone came to my cell and took me to the court of Dwarven Elders, where my father, King Krod, watched my trial from his throne. My trial, for murdering one of our kin, lasted for hours upon which I was pronounced guilty.

Guilty! … <hic> … it was devastating to know that which I love dear the kingdom I would gladly give my life to, King Krod then Stood up and pronounced my sentence, You, my son, Prince Tomarian are here by outcast from the Kingdom of Dawnforge Mountains; never to return until you have proven yourself worthy of becoming a Protector of all Dwarven Kind and all living outside of the Kingdom. Do not return here till then or face Death by my hand."

Tomarian drinks again and looks at his friend at the table. “This is the first time I told anyone this tale.” As he looks at Antilli, Sam’ael, Tyeilshor and Kaz, Tomarian was glad he was sent to Fallcrest to live with his sister and his crazy brother-in-law for he would have not met The Other Guardians and shared so far this great adventure. “With your help, I will protect you all with my life! Even you, ”wiki-content-link-not-found">_Content Not Found: tyeeilshor_!"

Tomarian laughs out loud as he throws down another drink. “I will prove to you all, and my King, that I am worthy!”

“Enough of this!” Tomarian looks around at the table, at his friends, and everyone has passed out! All except for Antilli. “Again he has beaten me in drinking! Arrrggghhhhh!!!!!” With a thud, Tomarian’s head hits the table as he passes out.

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