Shirl Crystalblade (Brightblade)

Shirl is a very old Eladrin woman


Shirl usually appears as a submissive Eladrin woman, walking two steps behind her husband, eyes usually down. But when working for the Knights of Luna she wears Eladrin Shadow chainmail and wields a longsword called “devastation”. She is a rare Eladrin Shadow Stalker, using these abilities she has been into almost every palace, fort, prison, library or building in the know world gathering information on a obscure prophecy called the “end of times”, in one of the text it talks about “the five evils”, it prophecies of the coming of five dark beings, one called Pestilence, one disease, one starvation, one greed and one death. She believes the The Chosen Five are “the five evils”.


Shirl is Antilli’s mother, born a Brightblade she married as soon as she became of age. She appears completely dedicated to her family and the Queen Queen Yolande she became a person seen and not heard. Unbeknownst to Antilli and some say her husband, she is the leader of Knights of Luna intelligence branch. She like so many other Eladrin support Queen Yolande in their own way, not believing in her isolationist policy believing one day even the feywild won’t be safe. She has raised Antilli with a single purpose in mind, to save their people from extinction. She knows of her husbands writings, Treatise of Universal Astronomy and Erathis and hopes these will help guide their son to the right end.

Shirl Crystalblade (Brightblade)

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