Direct Descendent of the first and greatest of Tiefling leaders, Sam'ael is a living embodiment of one of mankind's greatest sins.


As a child, Sam’ael was hardly aware of the storied past of his ancestors…but upon reaching adolescence, he couldn’t help but notice his natural superiority to his peers in terms of his mental prowess and focus. Growing interested in these differences, he began to seek out and read the scattering of historical papers describing his people’s past. Being raised in a military background, Samael developed a feeling of obligation to protect and lead his adopted community by example, but at the same time, he began to feel a sense of destiny for Bael Turath to rise again.

While his family seem content with their slowly won acceptance into the small town of Fallcrest, Sam’ael is somewhat of an anomaly. In his eyes, his father and mother have been able to overcome the stigma of being a “cross-bred” couple and members of the accursed Tiefling race by attempting to “blend in” with the general population; Sam’ael does not share this goal. He does not mind the stare his crimson skin gets… he actually enjoys the respect his long, curved horns afford him. He is a warrior born and bred, and while he does not appear to have a sinister motive, small town life is not for him. In his mind, the stares and wide berth he is given only highlights the differences between him and the… common folk. It is obvious that he was born to lead. This became clear during the events at Shadowfell Keep. Initially he had planned to pay his dues in a lesser mitia; eventually earning a following through hard work and dedication. But when The Chosen Five showed themselves, all that changed. He has his father’s blade and the latent power within his blood has been activated. With his acquistion of the Hellpath Tome, his pace towards his ultimate destiny greatly hastened. Every night he pours of the ancient tome… and everyday he puts his squad through drill after drill, utilizing formations and stategies long lost thru the winds of time. At first, the small rabble that had answered his call had little chance of any success if the gate was breached. The motley assortments of humans, dwarves and elves had come mainly out of respect for his father. Now though… each day they grew more comfortable with their blades… each day they work better as a unit. Let them come, those shadowy figures that so sought to terrify he and his fellow guardians. Each day he grew stronger… each day the scales tipped a little more in his favor.

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