Prince Brightflame AKA Melf

Prince Brightflame is cousin to Queen Yolande


Prince Brightflame Prince Brightblade Prince Brightflame

Prince Brightflamee AKA Melf is 5’8”, 147 lbs, and about 200 years old (appearing in his late 20s in human terms). He changes his appearance from time to time, though he always appears as an eladrin. One of his favorite persona’s is that of Peralay who is described as “left-handed, blond, hazel-eyed, and large for an elf (5’8”, 148 lbs.).” It says furthermore that Peralay’s shield is decorated with “the hunting hawk symbol of his clan” and that his sword, Gnoll-Cleaver, was forged long ago by dwarves.


Prince Brightflame is a strong believer in mediation, diplomacy and open communication, and thus some believe him to be naive. Charming and urbane, Melf enjoys good food, culture, and agreeable persons of the opposite gender.

Melf is vastly knowledgeable and experienced. He specializes in Vecna and buried evils, and is strongly opposed to both Vecna and the Death Cult.

He was an ally of Mordenkainen and a former member of the Citadel of Eight, in Artifact of Evil Melf is said to have sworn fealty to Mordenkainen, and he carries the holy symbol of Ioun. Melf is also a cousin of Queen Yolande of Celene. He has also been depicted as fighting side-by-side with Prince Olinstaad Corond of Ulek, presumably during a 586 counteroffensive to regain Principality lands lost to the Empire of the Pomarj during the Greyhawk Wars.

Although secretive and protective, Melf is on good terms with luminaries such as Kieran Jalucian, King Belvor IV of Furyondy, and the rulers of Dyvers, Highfolk, and the City of Greyhawk. He and Mordenkainen have much respect for each other, but the two do not cooperate, at least not anymore. The mayor of Highfolk town, Tavin Ersteader, is a former apprentice of Melf.

Melf is on good terms with the Fellowship of the Torch, and is often seen in the company of Kirilarien Allavesse when in Greyhawk.

Melf was also listed in Greyhawk Ruins as one of the rumored members of the Ring of Five.

According to From the Ashes, Melf represents the Knights of Luna. His was exiled from Celene due to his stance against Queen Yolande.

Melf is responsible for developing such spells as Melf’s Acid Arrow, Melf’s Unicorn Arrow, and Melf’s Minute Meteors.

Melf is known to have authored or co-authored the following works:

  • Treatise of Universal Astronomy
  • Weapons of the Ether (with Mordenkainen)

His death was shrouded in mystery, some say the Queens assassins finally caught up with him outside of Shadowfell Keep near the town of Winterhaven. Others say he died of natural causes, basically knowing it was his time and still others believe he did not die but faded into the fey world where he lives today.

Prince Brightflame AKA Melf

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