7 feet 8 inchs of pure destruction! Kaz is the eptiome of death and destruction and is never without his wickedly sharp axe.


Perhaps the Guardians most devasting weapon….and their biggest liablity. Standing a awe-insping 7 foot eight, Kaz may very well eptiomize Baphomet’s ideal minotaur. Although many commonly known myths talks about the minotaur as a people trying to overcome their bestial nature, this is not the case with Kaz. Even those who know him best would be hard pressed to describe him as litte more than a ton of living impulse.

Kaz’s “origin” story is not atypcial for his kind; due to a combination of genetic gifts and hard earned legend, minotaurs are widely prized as gladiators. Predictably, Kaz’s family was targeted by slavers. Kaz’s entire herd was wiped out in a blur of blood and curses. Kaz spent the next several weeks caged while a buyer was lined up. Sadly, the slavers’ investment and time were not rewarded for when Kaz’s cage was opened for his prospective buyer, the feral young Minotaur quickly garnered his first five kills. Escaping into the wilds, Kaz not only survived, he flourished. Over the next ten years, Kaz grew into a terribly brutal and dangerous warrior.

Due to his upbringing, Kaz is most comfortable adopting a “muscle” role. Although he would never take the time to consider it, Kaz’s former life as a wilder has rendered him largely dependent upon others to make all but his most basic daily decisions. Luckily, he is not interested in establishing his legend, or building a “life” for himself, and he literally couldn’t care less about money or fame. Kaz’s former life combined with his innately predisposed nature have made him a creature of the moment. To be around the beast is to always slightly be on edge: he is easily pleased but just as easily angered. An extremely single minded being, Kaz will attempt to meet his immediate need (sex, food, fun, retaliation) as soon as he is able without any consideration for the future.

Although he does not dwell on his past, previous events have rendered the barbarian unwilling to be captured alive. Prone to acting impulsiviely, Kaz often has a hard time following orders in combat. He feels loyalty to the Guardians for helping his escape and for continually bringing him new foes to face.

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