Freyja Dawnstrider

Freyja appears only to Antilli as the person she truly is, all others only catch glimpses out of the corner of their eye of a beautiful human maiden.


Freyja Dawnstrider, level 30

Eladrin, Wizard, Wizard of the Spiral Tower, Eternal Seeker

Build: War Wizard

Arcane Implement Mastery: Wand of Accuracy

Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)

Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Wand)

Corellon’s Implement: Wand

Seeking Destiny: Arcane Spirit

Background: Eladrin – Drowscarred

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 14, Con 15, Dex 23, Int 26, Wis 14, Cha 12.

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 12, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 16, Wis 11, Cha 10.

AC: 43 Fort: 33 Reflex: 39 Will: 36 HP: 141 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 35

TRAINED SKILLS Stealth +26, Arcana +30, Diplomacy +21, Religion +28, History +30

UNTRAINED SKILLS Acrobatics +21, Bluff +16, Dungeoneering +17, Endurance +17, Heal +17, Insight +22, Intimidate +16, Nature +17, Perception +22, Streetwise +16, Thievery +21, Athletics +17

FEATS Wizard: Ritual Caster Level 1: Destructive Wizardry Level 2: Eladrin Sword Wizardry Level 4: Immolate the Masses Level 6: Versatile Expertise Level 8: Low Crawl Level 10: Improved Initiative Level 11: Solid Sound Level 12: Distant Advantage Level 14: Winterkin Heritage Level 16: Lasting Frost Level 18: Penetrating Power Level 20: Ice Walk Level 21: Eyes in the Back of Your Head Level 22: Devastating Critical Level 24: Armor Proficiency (Leather) Level 26: Reactive Fey Step Level 28: Twist the Arcane Fabric Level 30: Expanded Spellbook

POWERS Seeker’s Lore: Angel of the Eleven Winds Wizard at-will 1: Winged Horde Wizard at-will 1: Scorching Burst Wizard encounter 1: Burning Hands Wizard daily 1: Arcane Whirlwind Wizard daily 1 Spellbook: Horrid Whispers Wizard utility 2: Expeditious Retreat Wizard utility 2 Spellbook: Spectral Image Wizard encounter 3: Arcane Bolt Wizard daily 5: Fireball Wizard daily 5 Spellbook: Grasp of the Grave Wizard daily 5 Spellbook: Acid Mire Wizard utility 6: Wizard’s Escape Wizard utility 6 Spellbook: Spectral Hound Wizard encounter 7: Fire Burst Wizard daily 9: Animate Dead Wizard daily 9 Spellbook: Firescythe Wizard utility 10: Blur Wizard utility 10 Spellbook: True Seeing Wizard encounter 13: Arcane Arrows (replaces Arcane Bolt) Wizard daily 15: Summon Chainbearer (replaces Arcane Whirlwind) Wizard daily 15 Spellbook: Prismatic Beams Wizard utility 16: Displacement Wizard utility 16 Spellbook: Words of Truth Wizard encounter 17: Crushing Titan’s Fist (replaces Arcane Arrows) Wizard daily 19: Plague of Illusions (replaces Animate Dead) Wizard daily 19 Spellbook: Evard’s Black Tentacles Wizard utility 22: Mass Fly Wizard utility 22 Spellbook: Mordenkainen’s Mansion Wizard encounter 23: Plague of Poison (replaces Crushing Titan’s Fist) Wizard daily 25: Summon Razorclaw Behemoth (replaces Summon Chainbearer) Wizard daily 25 Spellbook: Prismatic Spray Wizard encounter 27: Perfect Sniper (replaces Plague of Poison) Wizard daily 29: Meteor Swarm (replaces Plague of Illusions) Wizard daily 29 Spellbook: Summon Living Mountain Wizard daily 29 Spellbook: Miasma of Enfeeblement

ITEMS Spellbook, Adventurer’s Kit, Feytouched Starleather Armor +6, Runic Longsword +6, Feyshard Wand +6, Bracelet of the Radiant Storm (paragon tier), Feystride Boots (paragon tier), Darkfire Gloves (heroic tier), Circlet of Revelations (heroic tier), Eldritch Medallion +6, Ring of Khirad (epic tier), Kartan’s Void Ring (epic tier), Wraith’s Cord (epic tier) RITUALS Amanuensis, Silence, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Wizard’s Curtain, Unseen Servant, Corpse Light, Endure Elements, Eye of Alarm, Fluid Funds, Lower Water, Preservation, Water Walk, Tree Shape, Battlefield Elocution, Scroll of Detect Secret Doors, Lullaby, Summon Winds, Arcane Lock, Dark Light, Eavesdropper’s Foil, Enchant Magic Item, Knock, Transfer Enchantment, Travelers’ Feast, Magic Circle, Speak with Nature, Starshine, Ancestral Whispers, Call Wilderness Guide, Deathly Shroud, Disenchant Magic Item, Find the Path, Leomund’s Secret Chest, Mordenkainen’s Ascent, Mordenkainen’s Joining, Phantom Steed, Speak with Dead, Thief’s Lament, Tiny Lanterns, Tree Stride, Wizard’s Escape, Analyze Portal, Linked Portal, Raise Dead, Remove Affliction, Shadow Passage, Water Breathing, Wizard’s Sight, Ghost Walk, Pact of the Iron Ring, Scribe, Trailblaze, Water’s Gift, Banish Illusions, Arcane Barrier, Passwall, Reverse Portal, Shadow Walk, Astral Guide, Control Weather, Lich Transformation, Telepathic Bond, Time Ravager, Fantastic Recuperation, Scroll of Guards and Wards, Memory Seal, Planar Portal, Plane Shift, Forbiddance, Soulguard, True Portal, Raise Land


Every race starts somewhere, with a small group foraging for food and trying to survive. From this small group one or two rise above the rest to become the leaders of the people. They are the ones remembered in legends, their likenesses forever etched into stone and canvases. One of those people for the Eladrin’s is Freyja Dawnstrider, she is often referred to as the mother of Eladrin magic. She is the first Eladrin to ever touch the fey world.

Freyja Dawnstrider

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