Etheran was the daughter of Faren Markelhay and Allande Markelhay, and captain of the Fallcrest Guard. She was young, naive, and full of energy. She offered any aid available to her to help those ‘on the front-lines’. Was a former paladin of Chauntea but maintained fighting prowess without her divine connection. Eager to take the fight to the enemy and felt that ‘just surviving’ is not the same as ‘living’. She was often seen with Bax, her adventuring companion whom trained her to fight from a young age.

She wielded her family’s sword Sunwrath.

After her father was killed by one of Skalmad’s assassins, she traveled to the Trollhaunt to avenge his death. Unfortunately, Skalmad captured and killed her.

Due to the Guardians’ use of the Master Clock of Time, Etheran is, once again, very much alive and has taken Tomarian’s place as the protector of The Guardians.


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