Proprietor of the Cloudwatch Inn


The Cloudwatch Inn is widely regarded as the best in town, and its proprietor Cham makes sure that everyone knows it. Cham is portly for a halfling—one of the perks of his considerable wealth. He dresses well but covers his clothes with a ratty apron, supposedly the same one he has worn since he opened the inn.

Cham is incredibly talkative and more than a little boastful, but he is helpful and eager to please. As a traveling merchant, the halfling passed through Portyr Keep numerous times and was annoyed at the poor service in the town’s inns. Eventually, he opened his own.

He also has a small shop in town, which contains a few magical items and a full suite of general gear. This is run by his wife, Ellie. It is not uncommon to see each other running each shoppe as they like to switch it up.


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