Father of Sam'ael


Lawful Good Warlord


Akemonos is the gruff but kindly father of Sam’ael and the husband of Sariah. He and his family attend the local temple of Bahamut and are generally well liked around town. Akemonos cares deeply for his wife and is fiercely proud of his son’s burgeoning leadership. He ensured that Sam’ael received a well balanced education and concentrated on imparting his knowledge of tactics and weapon skill. Although initially met with suspicion due to his exotic looks, Akemonos is now largely accepted and treated with the respect a military veteran is due.

Little is actually known of Akemonos’ military history. What is known is that he served a large army with honor for many years. He first came to the town of Fallcrest 18 years ago with his wife Sariah and young son. He has received a horrible wound that left him short one eye and with a permanent limp. He and his family are supported by a military pension of some kind and it is rumored that Akemonos’ may be independently wealthy for his time as an “adventurer.”


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