The Chosen Five

The Dragon Burial Site

A note found in Irontooth’s treasure horde has led you to a Dragon Burial Site. You are almost certain that it’s the same site that Douven and Sariah were looking for. After a day or so on the road you arrive and find a halfling and a group of humans working at the site.

Agrid, the halfling, calls out to you waving you closer. “Come … see what we’ve found.”, he says. Seems friendly enough. Surely he’s an associate of Douven. Lulled into a false sense of security, you proceed unaware of the ambush ahead.

Your improving skills on the battlefield are now beginning to pay off. You survive the ambush and find Douven bound and gagged. He tells the story of how he and Sariah were taken prisoner by the Death Cult. And how Sariah was wisked away a few days prior to your arrival toward Shadowfell Keep.



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