The Chosen Five


The King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

You quickly determine that your current spot isn’t safe. The will-o-wisps withdrew from combat but they could still be lurking near-by. You remember finding a high-point a few miles back and choose to return to it to get your bearings in this dank and musty swamp. Unfortunately, after hours of travel, you are once again lost in this god-forsaken hellhole.

Finally, the swamp gives way to some lost, ancient ruins. “This looks like a good spot to cam …” before you can even finish your thought, the twang from a longbow pierces the air. Like skilled champions, you quickly prep for battle and advance on your assailants.

As you approach, one of the assailants removes her hood to revel serpents instead of hair. You attempt to avert your gaze but not quite soon enough as you feel your skin turning to stone. The medusae prove to be formidable but you ultimately succeed at a cost. Two of your teammates are turned to stone.

Thankfully, you have enough time to make a camp and enough resources to restore your teammates.



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