The Chosen Five

Searching the Chamber of Eyes

You spend some time speaking to the inhabitants of the Seven Pillared Hall and getting used to your new surroundings. You meet several interesting characters, including Gendar, Brugg, The Ordinator Arcanis, Charrak, and Kaz. After speaking with Kaz, you decide to help get him out of Brugg’s custody. In return, he chooses to join your cause.

With Kaz in tow, you continue looking for your companions. You meander through the labyrinth for some time until you arrive at a large antechamber. Two fearsome looking statues of winged demons squat on either side of a starway leading up to double doors. Inscribed upon the doors is an image of a great eye with multiple eye stalks, as well as a symbol of a circle with a crossbar rising out of it. Heaps of rubble are scattered across the floor, and to the north a balcony overlooks the room. This must be the Chamber of Eyes. The Chamber of Eyes

You bluff your way past the guards at the door and charge fearlessly in. You win fight after fight against the Bloodreaver Clan until you find yourself face to face with Krand, the Hobgoblin Chief of the Bloodreavers. A pitched battle ensues but you successfully beat some answers out of him. It appears that he has sold your companions to the Duergar.



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