The Chosen Five

Mound of Skulls

The King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

You travel deeper into the Trollmaw looking for your companions and soon come across a vast cavern. A high ledge divides this cavern in two, with rough-cut stairs leading up to a huge mound of skulls. Dozens more skulls are set into niches and nooks that climb the wall to the ceiling high overhead. An old troll with tangled white hair and a great crooked staff paces around the mound, muttering loudly. Immediately in front of the ledge, a huge bear lies on the ground, gnawing bones to splinters in its massive jaws.

Mound of Skulls

You approach with the intentions of talking to him only to find that he’s gone mad. He and the great bear viciously attack you for disturbing the mound of skulls while they were sleeping. A battle ensues and three flameskulls leap to Norgg’s defense. It’s not long before yet one more troll falls to the might of the Guardians.



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