The Chosen Five

Marrowmaw Warrens

The King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

Soon after Norgg’s defeat you come to a passageway that ends at a large door of poorly fitted planks. The ruddy glow of firelight spills from underneath it, and a faint hint of wood smoke is obscured by an unpleasant animal musk. The moment you enter the room, you are besieged by several denizens of the Marrowmaw Warrens. The troglodytes and nothic stalkers definitely put up a good fight but Kasszt, a Marrowmaw curse chanter nearly devastates your party. You fight to a draw and both parties retreat. You are certain that the next time your paths cross, you will be ready for her.

You leave the interior of the cave to get some rest only to find that they’ve restocked the front room with more guards. The guards stood about as much of a chance as the first set did and you reenter the Trollmaw.



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