The Chosen Five

In to the Maw

The King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

The next day, you gather up your belongings and continue your search for Etheran and Bax.  The mist that perpetually blankets this swamp seems to get thicker as you progress.  The wretched smell of death and decay is pervasive but you are determined to continue.  Toward the end of the day, swamp gives way to bog which then surrenders to dry land.

Within a few minutes, you stumble upon the ruins of an ancient town.  A large stone marker identifies this site as Bravak of the empire of Vardar.  You take this opportunity to take a much needed break.  It’s not long before you find a note and signs of a recent battle.  From the looks of it, you believe that a large force of trolls met up with Etheran and Bax.  Combat ensued and Etheran and Bax prevailed before continuing there journey to the southeast.

You gather the note and the rest of your belongings and follow their tracks.  Soon, you arrive at a dank mass of thickets set among steep hills.  You come across a half-sunken road of stone blocks.  The road leads to a 20 foot tall standing stone carved with poorly chiseled runes.        

The runes say, “This stone I raise to mark my kingdom.  All that lies within 50 leagues of this spot belongs to me and those kings who come after me.  You stand now in the land of Vard, first King of Vardar.”

The road continues for another two hundred paces, following a sluggish stream.  It ends at a large, heavily overgrown cave.  The stream flows into the cave through jagged pillars of stone that resemble great fangs in a gigantic maw.  A path on it’s left bank ends in darkness.   

The Trollmaw



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