The Chosen Five

Grimmerzhul Trading Post

You return to the Seven Pillared Hall determined to find the Duergar base. You decide that the best place for answers might be the Halfmoon Inn. Rendil, the halfling you rescued earlier, pulls up a chair when you arrive. “I just heard something strange,” he says in a low voice. “The duergar of Clan Grimmerzhul bought a lot of provisions here in the Hall. The duergar have a trading post here in the Hall, but rumor has it that they have a fortress somewhere deeper in the Labyrinth.”

Convinced that you can find some answers, you head over to the trading post. The trading post is a sturdy building of gray stone carved into the cavern’s wall. A sign above the door displays an emblem of a hammer and manacles. The front door leads to a counter, where two dwarflike creatures stand. They have skin of a sooty hue, bald heads, and stiff beards of rusty orange. “You don’t look like merchants or mages,” one says in heavily accented Common. “What’s your business here?”

A brief conversation with them makes it very apparent that you are not welcome. You choose not to be brushed off and decide that force is your only option. You turn the trading post upside down until you get the answer you seek. The Horned Hold is the duergar hideout.



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