The Chosen Five

Forestcliff Lair

You set out on the road again searching for Sariah and Douven. Many family members back home in Fallcrest are counting on you to bring them home. Following a lead, you search a known kobold lair for a sign.

Irontooth Suddenly, a harsh, bleating horn hearalds the appearance of a burly, battle-scarred goblin. Around him, kobolds scurry as if afraid to get too close. A great tattoo depicting a skeletal ram’s head marks this goblin’s face. In hushed tones they begin to chant, “Irontooth! Irontooth!” Then, with a roar, he and the kobolds attack.

The battle wages on. Although, determined, you are no match for such seasoned warriors. Fortunately, Genevieve, a prisoner of Irontooth, soothes your wounds and allows you to gain the upper-hand. Victory is yours!

You talk with Genevieve after the battle only to determine that she, like you, is looking for a lost loved one. Perhaps there is safety in numbers …



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