The Chosen Five

Arrival in Moonstair

The King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

You have arrived in the beautiful town of Moonstair. This riverside town reminds you very much of your Fallcrest home. Moonstair Kelana Dhoram It’s not long before you are directed to see the town’s mayor. Kelana and an eladrin emissary, Rualiss greet you. After the pleasantries, Kelana tells you about her town’s plight. She seems relieved to hear that you will assist and quickly offers to pay for your lodging while you are in town. She also offers work while you are in town.

After talking to the locals about the town, you finally retire to your room in the Cloudwatch Inn. There, you get some rest before you are rudely awakened by a commotion outside. “The town is under attack! It’s the trolls again!” You gather your gear and head to the main gate to defend the town. Etheran and Bax are with you as you launch an assault on the marauding trolls. In the midst of the battle, the Oni attacks again giving the trolls the edge. Etheran and Bax engage him allowing you to concentrate on the trolls.

Toward the end of the fray, the Oni withdraws from combat unable to go head-to-head with the two proven warriors. “He’s getting away! Sam, stay put and protect the town … we are going after him,” Etheran yells as she pursues her father’s killer. Her voice was almost frantic. Clearly she has been affected by her father’s death.

Rualiss By the time you finish off the trolls, Etheran and Bax are gone. You return to the town and convince Rualiss to contact you if the town gets attacked again. You then set off in an attempt to assist your companions.

An ancient stone road leads east from Moonstair through dense, damp woodlands that soon give way to stretches of fog-shrouded marsh. This is the Trollhaunt, a region of bogs, thickets, and low forested ridges that runs for miles. An hour’s march east of Moonstair, the old road gives out, disappearing into a great bog. Faint footpaths lead off to either side, but you soon find yourself in a maze of sluggish streams, meandering trails, and impenetrable brush.

You travel for hours and, as dusk approaches, you find that the footpath here meanders through bogs and thickets until it eventually draws close to deeper bodies of dark, still water. Lights bounce in the darkness ahead, as though three torches or lanterns are being carried through the bog.

Mesmerized by the lights, the group loses cohesion and gets drawn in toward hungry Chuuls. The Will-O’-Wisps take advantage of the fray and attack. Lesser travellers would’ve been consumed for sure but your skill allows you to succeed.



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